COURSE Descriptions

Swim Course

Clean and clear water in an enclosed private lake used for recreational skiing.

Dimension of the lake is ½ mile long body of water 300 feet across. Maximum depth is 6 feet in the center bordered by shallower depths averaging 2 to 4 feet.

Ideally suited for the novice triathlete or the experienced endurance athlete getting back into shape after a winter’s break.

Life Guards and Swift water Rescuer are being recruited to man the lake during the event to secure safety for the competitor.

Safe from dangerous wildlife. This lake is “gator free and snakes will avoid the area due to recreational activities. The water is stocked with fish to keep the water environmentally friendly and preserve the biosphere. The lake is routinely treated to prevent algae, grass or other invasive contaminates from encroaching or overwhelming this particular body of water.

The lake is scheduled to be tested to meet USAT and local standards for the safety of the swimmers.

Bike Course

The City of Creola and the local community is cyclist friendly to many enthusiasts who routinely use the Creola Axis Loop as a training opportunity. There is a limited amount of traffic and the course itself is 12.3 miles of paved road that encompasses the majority of the city. The route is mostly flat with a few curves and intersections. The course does offer two inclines that overpass I-65 at Mile Marker 4 (Exit 22) and Mile Marker 6 (Lister Dairy Road).

Mile markers and the directional arrows are clearly identified on the pavement to prevent confusion for the cyclists. The City of Creola’s public safety has generously offered to support this event by escorting and posting road blocks to ensure the safety of the Triathletes during this event.

Run Course

A new proposed run course will be from the Transistion area existing the Ski Chaste Lake Community then taking a right onto Hall Drive. The runners will continue to run until they reach the turn around point on Ducey Drive and then retrace the course. Once they have gotten back to the Transition area, they will circle around the lake until they reach the finish line located on the east side of the lake.